Headsplit Newsletter #21
The latest literary abomination has taken form once more from raw paste, blood, beer & paper materials. Headsplit newsletter #21 delivers eyeball bursting interviews with Anima Damnata, Hallucinator, Warfare Noise & Repression. If that ain't enough mental excruciation for ya, theres also a few reviews and a 4 panel comic this time around.

Headsplit Newsletter #20
The latest issue of cut and past underground literary torture!!!! Interviews with Vassago, Anthropophagous, Blue Holocaust, Mortify, and Burnt Decay. Cover artwork by Dayan Weller.

Headsplit Newsletter #19
12 pages of raw nightmarish cut n' paste metal excruciation!!! Cover artwork by Gutslaughter. Interviews with Slutvomit, Oniricous, Bloodlust, and Posthumous Regurgitation.

Headsplit Newsletter #18
Headsplit Newsletter #18 here to kill you with 12 razor sharp pages of ultimate unholy death!!! Interviews with Carcinoid, Putrid Temple, Mephitic Corpse, Infernal Conjuration, & Axeslaughter. Cover artwork by Rob Fornicator. Back page poser crushing Pyöveli comic by Dylan Strait.

Headsplit Newsletter #18
More eye bleeding torment!!! Interviews with Cadaveric Incubator, Impure, Ares Kingdom and Vomit Angel. 12 pages of cut n paste sickness!!!